Autosol Hydro Cut 160 – Innovative waterbased (1000 ml)


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Quick cutting polish

  • High class two-step polish system
  • No masking of plastic parts required!
  • Product evaporates in the polishing process heard the visibility of the treated surface
  • No wiping of polish remains required!
  • Hydro Final Finish 360 breakthrough technology with guaranteed deep shine
  • Hologram free!
  • Reduces the polishing time saves money and time!
  • Suitable for eccentric and rotary polishing machines

AUTOSOL High Performance Hydro Cut 160 is a polisher for removing heavy sanding marks, paint defects, light oxidation and scratches. Suitable for use on original and repair paints; Standard and scratch-resistant clearcoats (eg ceramicoat). Applicable to fresh and cured paints. Removes spray residue quickly and reliably, leaving you with brilliant high gloss. Silicone-free, no filler. Application: Please use lambskin pad or green polishing pad. When using new pads, polish first into the pad. Distribute the polish evenly on the surface and start the polishing machine (1200 – 1400 rpm). Polish with light / moderate pressure. Work smaller areas one after another until the sanding scratches are removed. Remove any polish residues with a microfiber cloth. Before working on a new surface, apply new product to the pad or surface.

Note: Keep out of the reach of children. Wear protective gloves / eye protection. Do not get in the eyes, on the skin or on clothing.

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Dimensions8 × 8 × 22 cm


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