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Autosol Ceramic Coating (50ml)


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AUTOSOL® CS – CERAMIC COATING is highly professional, strong and durable, long-life ceramic sealant.
1. To achieve the best results on used cars we first recomend a machine polish process. Step 1: AUTOSOL® DYNAMIC HEAVY CUT PREMIUM to remove scratches. Step 2: AUTOSOL® DYNAMIC MIRROR FINISH PREMIUM for a hologram free finish. After the machine polish the surface has to be degreased with AUTOSOL® CS-SURFACE PREP and checked for holograms. For new cars the polishing step is not mandatory.
2. If the surface has been treated before with any wax or car paint protection products, the surface has to be cleaned with AUTOSOL® CS-SURFACE PREP.
3. The car must be 100% dry without any traces of water. AUTOSOL® CS-CERAMIC COATING should only be applied with the included sponge and microfibre cloth in a showroom clean environment! Good illumination ensures a comprehensive application. Only apply in temperature below 25°C (77°F) and humidity below 60%.


Important: Always apply AUTOSOL® CS-CERAMIC COATING on small area of the cars, for example a door, half of the bonnet., etc. Always use a new clean and dry microfibre cloth for polishing. The coating must be protected from rain and dust for at least 8 hours. The car may not be washed after application for minimum 72 hours.

For maximum duration of the coating, a second layer of ceramic coating can be applied. Additional layer of AUTOSOL® CS-CERAMIC COATING should be applied between 30-60 minutes after the first appplication; otherwise the first coating will repel the second one.

Tip: Set a timer after the first application can ease the coating workflow.


  • For best result, use a new sealed AUTOSOL® CS-CERAMIC COATING bottle for each car and consume the opened bottle of AUTOSOL® CS-CERAMIC COATING within 2 days.
  • Store AUTOSOL® CS-CERAMIC COATING in a cool and dark area. Before opening, allow product to warm up to ambient temperature.
  • AUTOSOL® CS-CERAMIC COATING is amazingly strong. Once the substance is fully cured onto the surface, the coating can only be removed using a machine polisher. For correction or paintwork preparation, AUTOSOL® CS-CERAMIC COATING can be removed using AUTOSOL® DYNAMIC HEAVY CUT PREMIUM.
  • If necessary, the AUTOSOL® CS-CERAMIC COATING can be removed after curing by machine polishing.

For care and refreshing of the AUTOSOL® CS-CERAMIC COATING, we recommend AUTOSOL® CS-POLYMER PROTECTION

Enjoy the amazing result of AUTOSOL® CS-CERAMIC COATING

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